Dr. David Ross Comes to Town

One of the things that sets M1 apart from other imaging centers is our dedication to education, advocacy and relationship-building. As part of this philosophy, we invite guest speakers to speak with medical providers in our several times each year, bringing expertise and perspective to an audience that appreciates constant learning as a way to provide the best care possible.

Recently, we hosted a workshop for 100 medical providers featuring Dr. David Ross, a neuropsychiatrist who specializes in traumatic brain injury, tardive dyskinesia and related movement disorders. Dr. Ross is Director of the Virginia Institute of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

After completing medical school and residency at VCU, Dr. Ross finished a fellowship in neuropsychiatry at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, returning to VCU in 1997. He is board-certified in general psychiatry, neuropsychiatry and brain injury medicine.

Dr. Ross and his colleagues pioneered the application of NeuroQuant, software M1 recently added to its mix of cutting-edge technology, making M1 the only advanced imaging center in Michigan to provide such groundbreaking imaging. Dr. Ross invented a method for estimating brain volume the moment before injury in order to improve understanding of the effects of brain injury on brain volume.

In his talk, Dr. Ross enlightened Michigan health care providers with testimony about the usefulness of NeuroQuant in the imaging equation, especially regarding traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative disease. He also commended M1 for being “the most innovative MRI center in the country.”