Why Outpatient MRI is Better than Hospital

There are so many reasons why outpatient MRI is better for patients than MRI provided in a hospital setting.

For one, at a place like M1 Imaging, we focus entirely on our MRI patients. We are never distracted by other functions or processes, nor are we inhibited by big-box hospital protocols that often put liability higher than patient care.

Another easy reason why outpatient MRI is better than in-hospital is access. Turn-around time from scan to report is faster, and you’ll get in for an appointment more quickly – with us, it can be as quick as same-day!

When it comes to advocacy, who has your back? A specialist who focuses all day on MRI will inevitably be more concerned about your imaging and its results than a hospital that provides many services to many people.

Also, outpatient MRI can save time and produce higher-quality images with more accurate results because top radiology experts are reading the scans. We can get you in for an appointment quickly, while hospital imaging facilities often have long wait times.

Outpatient MRI offers convenience – M1 Imaging has three locations, in Berkley, Warren and Livonia, close to major highways, so one of our sites is not far from where you live. In a few months, we’ll be opening a new site in Grand Rapids, with plans for additional sites throughout Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

Patients must realize that they hold the reins when it comes to choosing where to have an MRI done. It’s a mistake to blindly go to the first place mentioned; do your research and choose the highest quality, most convenient, most affordable, and best customer service MRI provider you can find. (We humbly believe that’s M1.)