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M1 Imaging opened in Berkley, Michigan in April 2014, with the exclusive Michigan contract at the time for DynaWell L-Spine, a compression device that simulates standing to allow for more accurate medical imaging of a person’s spine. A collaboration between Dr. Chintan Desai, a board-certified, fellowship-trained musculoskeletal radiologist, and Joshua Katke, MHSA, a health care administrator with a proven track record in the industry, M1 Imaging Center provides comfortable, cutting-edge medical imaging outside of a hospital setting to increase the quality and outcomes of patient care.

“Better diagnostics lead to better health outcomes,” says Mr. Katke, whose experience in the health care industry has always focused on bringing the latest technology directly to consumers to provide the clearest picture of a person’s health. “Every day, medical advances make it easier for people to find answers to what’s ailing them,” he says. “It is our goal to provide medical imaging that can be a key piece in that puzzle of trying to figure out the root of a person’s pain and create solutions to resolve it once and for all.”

Mr. Katke and Dr. Desai met years ago. Dr. Desai’s reads were “more trusted” than anyone else, says Mr. Katke. “He’s so good – it’s crucially important that the reports are correct,” he says. “It’s all the difference in the world in how the patient is managed and can mean the difference between conservative therapy and invasive surgery. We pride ourselves on offering the most accurate readings so our patients can have the best care for their condition.”

With a constant evolution guided by latest technology, M1 Imaging excels in traumatic brain injury protocols, neck flexion and extension, and lumbar spine diagnosing with and without weight-bearing technology. In 2016, M1 Imaging introduced NeuroQuant software for quantitative MRI measurement that leads to the most reliable, objective reads. The vast majority of MRIs occur to diagnose the source of pain, which often stems from a sports injury or car accident. There are other reasons to request an MRI, usually having to do with diagnosing the source of pain toward better treating and alleviating it.

The majority of MRIs focus on the spine or extremities; only 20% are used to better diagnose and assess disease.

M1 Imaging is driven by a mission to provide the highest quality medical imaging, offering laser-sharp information so doctors can diagnose accurately and treat patients quickly and efficiently to once and for all alleviate pain. Mr. Katke and Dr. Desai pride themselves on developing mutually beneficial relationships with providers who share the same vision: to do it right, efficiently, and with the patient’s best interests in focus.

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  • Joshua Katke, MHSA
    Chief Administrator & CEO
    A St. Louis native with an undergraduate degree from Washington University, Mr. Katke earned a graduate degree (master of health... Read More


  • Dr. Chintan Desai
    Chief Medical Officer
    American Board of Radiology-certified Radiologist Dr. Chintan Desai chose to be a musculoskeletal and neuroradiology specialist because he liked the... Read More

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