Dr. Chintan Desai

Chief Medical Officer

American Board of Radiology-certified Radiologist Dr. Chintan Desai chose to be a musculoskeletal and neuroradiology specialist because he liked the aspect of detective work that is required to truly understand what’s going on inside a patient. Reading MRI scans, he can put together anatomical puzzle pieces to define the source of a patient’s pain and work with other physicians toward creating protocols that help alleviate it.

A graduate of the University of Miami Medical School, with a residency at the University of Tennessee and a fellowship at Duke University, Dr. Desai is licensed to practice medicine in Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia and Michigan, with leadership positions nationwide and honors/awards from a variety of organizations for his dedicated medical practice.

“The human body is a complex structure,” says Dr. Desai. “My main interest has always been to understand human anatomy and physiology and known what is going on inside the body. As radiologists, we see patients from the inside out.” In a collaborative effort with Joshua Katke, Dr. Desai helped start M1 in 2014 to provide outpatient radiology services within the state of Michigan, offering the most advanced technology to patients outside of academic centers. Based in Florida with his wife, he divides his time between Michigan and Florida.